Setting up and maintaining contextual advertising PPC in Google Adwords, Yahoo

This service includes:

  • Selection, planning and formation of advertising groups;
  • Analysis of market conditions;
  • Selection of keywords for which your ad will be issued;
  • Work with so-called “negative words” or “stop words”;
  • Setting up an advertising campaign in context;
  • Analysis of the effectiveness of contextual advertising;
  • Maintenance and editing of advertising groups and announcements;
  • Monitoring and implementation of work which prevents the click fraud and helping to return funds after the click fraud.
  • Improved CTR;
  • Work on increasing ROI (when accessing relevant information).

Cost of setting and maintenance of contextual advertising

  1. Setting up/editing an account and launching an AC is from $50 (For 1 account). The final cost is determined by the number of launching advertising groups, the amount of goods/services for the AC.
  2. Implementation of the advertising campaign – 15% of the allocated advertising budget, but not less than $50 per month. After the launch, our specialists continue to supervise, edit, “customize” and analyze the results of contextual advertising. Depending on the budget allocated and the range of services ordered in our studio, the cost of this service will be from 15 to 25% of the budget, which is allocated for a month to the Advertising Campaign (within the framework of one project). If the amount allocated is less than $50, then the default amount is $50 for the month of the advertising campaign. The report is formed 1-2 times a month, depending on the agreement and wishes.
  3. The budget for an advertising campaign in Google Adwords or Yahoo

Our specialists will do their work as competently and professionally as their task is to conduct your campaign correctly, analyze and react to any fluctuations and changes on time! Since our task is the success of each of your advertising campaigns!

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